Application Layer Switching Module for Apache


You should be able to use any Apache 2.2.x distribution with DSO support and mod_layer7 support enabled. The best way to install mod_layer7 module is on a custom built Apache HTTP Server as a HTTP reverse proxy server.

This page contains instruction for compiling and installing Apache 2.x.x HTTP Server and mod_layer7 module. Basic compilation and installation instructions are also available in INSTALL file included within source distribution.


warning TODO, list of prerequisites
  • C and C++ compilers (gcc)
  • Libtool, Automake & Autoconf toolchain
  • Perl 5.8.x (+ development libraries, libperl-dev or similar)
  • ...

Supported platforms

warning TODO, list of platforms that are known to work...

Currently mod_layer7 module is known to compile and work on following Linux platforms:

  • Linux / Ubuntu 10.x, Ubuntu 9.x, Ubuntu 8.x 32-bit and 64-bit versions (Intel/AMD based)
  • Linux / RedHat Enterprise Linux 5, RHEL AS4, 32-bit and 64-bit versions (Intel/AMD based)
  • ...

Installing Apache 2.2.x HTTP Server

Steps for compiling and installing custom built Apache 2.2.x HTTP server to be used as reverse proxy (on a supported UNIX-like system)

  1. Download latest stable 2.2.x source release from Apache HTTP Server website.
  2. Uncompress source bundle
  3. Configure Apache with DSO and mod_proxy support enabled
  4. Compile/Build Apache
  5. Install Apache

Example - building Apache 2.2.15

user@localhost $ wget
user@localhost $ tar zxvf httpd-2.2.15.tar.gz
user@localhost $ cd httpd-2.2.15
user@localhost $ ./configure --prefix=/opt/local/apache/2.2.15+dso --enable-so --enable-proxy --enable-proxy-http --enable-proxy-ajp --enable-proxy-balancer --enable-proxy-ftp --enable-mods-shared=most
user@localhost $ make
user@localhost $ sudo make install

Installing mod_layer7 module

Steps for compiling and installing mod_layer7 module from source tarball.

  1. Download mod_layer7 from downloads section
  2. Uncompress source bundle
  3. Prepare build by running libtoolize, autoconf, automake tools..
  4. Configure mod_layer7
  5. Compile/Build mod_layer7
  6. Install mod_layer7

After successful compilation and installation procedure see configuration section for information on how to start using mod_layer7.

Example - building mod_layer7 0.1.0

user@localhost $ tar zxvf mod_layer7-0.1.0.tar.gz
user@localhost $ cd mod_layer7-0.1.0
user@localhost $ libtoolize --force && aclocal && autoconf && autoheader && automake -a
user@localhost $ ./configure --with-perl=/usr/bin/perl --with-apache=/opt/local/apache/2.2.15+dso --prefix=/opt/local/mod_layer7/0.1.0
user@localhost $ make
user@localhost $ sudo make install
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