Application Layer Switching Module for Apache

Management Console

management console

mgmt-console -- manage mod_layer7 runtime.


mgmt-console [--server URL] [--interval sec]


Commandline utility mgmt-console can be used for viewing mod_layer7 runtime statistics and performing management operations on running mod_layer7 module through management interface.

--server URL

Define URL of mod_layer7 runtime to be controlled with mgmt-console utility.

DEFAULT: http://localhost:8080

--interval secs

Define update/refresh interval for mgmt-console utility.

DEFAULT: 5 seconds.


mgmt-console supports following key commands:

UP Roll cursor to previous pool/node
DOWN Roll cursor to next pool/node
e Enable currently selected pool member/node
d Disable currently selected pool member/node
p Allow only persistent traffic to currently selected poll member/node




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